Happy 1st Anniversary Lori & Brian - Destination Wedding in Tucson, Arizona

Happy 1st Anniversary to my dear, sweet friends, Lori and Brian!

Wow.  Has it really ben a year?  Why yes, it has.  What an amazing wedding we planned and enjoyed for Lori and Brian, who celebrated their love with a romantic, vintage wedding held at the historic Arizona Inn in Tucson.  

Fraught with personal details, hand crafted accents such as sculpted white pumpkins, and mini-pies in place of wedding cake, Lori and Brian designed a wedding all their own.  And now, after moving to Washington State, they design a life of their own, along with Oliver, the small dog that Lori adopted many years before hand who now has Brian's heart as well.

I have been lucky to return to Tucson, Arizona since the wedding, and I am even luckier to speak to Lori on a regular basis, laughing and joking, Facetime-ing, and sharing design tips and recipes. 

Looking back now, their wedding photos make me so happy.  To know that my friend had such a gorgeous, beautiful wedding day.  To know that she has had such a wonderful first year of marriage.  To know that I have had a part in that.  And to be lucky enough to be a part of whatever it is that life brings them to.

The happiest of anniversaries, my friend.  I love you and adore you.


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