Getting Engaged This Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us and that can only mean one thing...Engagement Season is here!

It's been estimated that approximately 25% of all engagements take place over the holidays, specifically between Thanksgiving and New Years. If you choose the include Valentine's Day that number skyrockets, but I consider that its own little engagement day with its own set of stats!

What makes the holidays such a popular time to get engaged? Well, there's family, and friends, and glitter. Lots of parties and good food and wine. People tend to be making an effort in all areas if their lives, they look amazing, feel great, and the season is just full of love and warmth...

I was never a big fan of the holiday proposal. Read carefully. Was. I considered it "cheating" - as in, being cheated out of that ordinary day that becomes extraordinary when the engagement happens.  I was so anti-holiday proposals, in fact, that I actually said "Boooo!" during Thanksgiving dinner when I heard about a recent holiday proposal. "Make it your own," I thought.  Don't just piggybacking off of the sparkly feelings of the holidays.

I had to eat my words an hour later when my now-husband dropped to one knee and proposed.  Yes, proposed. On Thanksgiving.

"Agh," I thought, "I'm a cliché!"  When I asked my husband why on earth he picked Thanksgiving to propose his reasoning was brilliant. "We are in our house, surrounded by our family. You were surrounded by people you love. Was there a better way to ask that would have meant more?" The joys of falling in love who someone smarter than me! And when I asked what he thought when he heard me boo-in go the other proposal, he smiled and said, "That's when I knew it's be a surprise."

Do you expect a ring this holiday season? Or are you thinking of proposing? Do you love holiday proposals, or would you rather have your own separate day to celebrate?