Event Security by Woolsey Protection | What it is and why you need it

Introducing Woolsey Protection Agency

Why so serious?  Because event security matters!  Photo by Joy Squad.

Why do those guys look so serious, when I just came for the cake?  

Event security is one of those things that most people don't think they need.  Until they do....

But as a wedding planner and event producer, I can speak first hand to the benefits of having security at special event.  Take this wedding, for example.  Beyond the 240 guests, many of were which high profile members of the athletic community, we had a multi-unit team of over 200 creatives and service members, a full orchestra, a gifting station, and more "stuff" than you could even imagine!  To safeguard the space, and all of the people in it, my clients engaged Woolsey Protection to provide security and assist in various services.  

James David Woolsey, known affectionately as JD, is a highly esteemed security expert who has been working with an elite client base for many years  Having started in nightlife, he and his team expanded to cover film and television stars, musicians, and athletes.  When asked about his services, JD very calmly and clearly states, "Security is one of those things that you never think of until you need it.  You hope you don't need it.  We hope you don't need it.  But if you do, our team helps control the situation. Sometimes, just our mere presence at an event helps avoid any issues from arising."

And when they do arise?   According to JD, "Our goal is to quietly diffuse the situation.  My team knows to be nice.  We approach everyone nicely, until the time comes to where being nice no longer works.  At that point, we do what need to do with respect."

Fortunately, our wedding did not have any issues that required a heightened level of security's involvement.  And yet just having them there made my job so much easier.   The services they rendered for us on site included everything from checking guests in at the door to avoid party crashers to watching over the gift table, ensuring that the envelopes and packages did not go missing.  Having them supervise these elements of the wedding allowed my time to focus on making sure each and every element of the space was set to perfection.  I was able to spend my time fussing over my bride and groom, not wondering if the doors were secured!  

One of the best moments, for me, was when I was moving my bride from the elevators to the holding room.  Despite the intimacy of the hotel, there were still guests mulling about and moving through the space.  We all know what happens when someone sees a bride!  There are ooh's and aah's.  People try to take photos, some people even try to stop couples and get photos with them. Add in a large group of gorgeous bridesmaids, a really sexy dress, and some dazzling diamonds....Anything can happen! 

In this case, security was able to clear the guests to the side, providing a dedicated pathway for our bridal party to walk through.  She and her girls were treated like celebrities, and definitely caught the eye!  But overall, the security team made sure that they were both unseen and unbothered.  The ease in which we were able to move her was incredible.  I didn't need to worry about anyone taking photos of her, accidentally stepping on her train, or trying to sneak a peek of her in her dress pre-wedding.  At a time when all couples are looking for a first class, celebrity style experience, on hand security ensured that they felt pampered and protected.

Throughout the night security guards kept an eye on the bar, followed up with guests, secured the gifts, and helped escort older family members  to their cars and our couple to their room.  They were engaging, fun, deeply respectful, and above reproach.  JC and his team did their jobs, so that I could do mine!

There is absolutely no price you can put on peace of mind.  The next time you plan an event - whether it's an intimate gathering of 20 in your home or a crazy concert in a sold out venue - call JD and his team at Woolsey Protection.   You will seriously never want to work without them again!



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