Engagement Photos - Amy & Eric Visit Alt F Studio

Introducing Eric & Amy. This gorgeous couple will be married this spring at Lake Las Vegas.

They say you can't meet anyone in a nightclub...But what if you meet on the way out? Lightening can strike. 

That's exactly what happened when Eric noticed Amy walking out of a San Diego pub one night. He was the self-professed Las Vegas bad-boy with a chip on his shoulder and a line for every situation. She was the Southern California stunner studying pre-law who wasn't biting!

Eric would not take no for an answer, and after finally getting her phone number he proceeded to court her old school with phone calls that lasted long into the night, text messages, emails, and enough flowers to fill a florist! In fact, to this day, Eric has a standing order for roses and lilies, ensuring that Amy is never without something to make her feel special.

This is the kind of love story that I love! Amy and Eric share something so special that each has been willing to turn their lives upside down and inside out to be with each other.

I am thrilled beyond thrilled to be working with Amy & Eric. Not only because they are so sweetly in love with each other, but they share that love with quite a handsome man named Jager! He even traveled to the Alt F studio and makes an appearance in their engagement photos!

Amy and Eric are looking forward to hosting their wedding at Lake Las Vegas this spring, bringing me back once again to the Westin - a property that I worked in many years ago and will always have a soft spot for!

Until then...Always...

So Sweet! Eric and Amy included their dog, Jager, in their engagement photos!

So Sweet! Eric and Amy included their dog, Jager, in their engagement photos!