Engage13 - Monday Review

If you are reading this in real time, then I am in session at Engage13! I am fully immersed and soaking up every moment.

Let me share a few highlights....

1. Rock Stars, Oscar Winners, Pro-Athletes...They have nothing on the wedding warriors of the world. Mindy Weiss. Ellen Black. Randy Fenoli. Brian Worley. Hello! The list goes on and on. These are spectacular people.

Have you ever heard the term "rare air"? It's the time in your life when you realize that you are in the company of greatness, moving amongst the gods, and breathing in the energy and joy and beauty of the community. Friends...I am truly breathing that rare air as we speak!

2. Quote from Rebecca of Engage13! "Great minds don't think alike, but they definitely think better together!"

3. Quote from Liene Stevens of Think Splendid: "There is a story behind your art...and you have to tell it!"

4. Quote from Carla Ten Eyck "Eyes up, heart open"

5. I cannot possibly explain the laughs we had listening to Randy Fenoli speak.

Post sessions we headed to the pool for a Rock the Kasbah party. Food, wine, a rock star band thanks to Jim Eppolito (yes, there are other Eppolito's out there!) kept the party going All. Night. Long.

As always, photos will be feathered in and added as I go, but for now, know that I am learning and growing and sharing with and for you!