Does your wedding planner handle your RSVPs?

This is why your wedding planner should absolutely handle your RSVPs.

Does your wedding planner handle your RSVPs? We do, and I believe it’s one of the most valuable services we offer.  After all, the guest list, RSVP process, and seating chart can be one of the most stressful activities a couple can encounter during the wedding planning process. 

We start by helping our couples organize the guest list.  While the decision of whom to invite is completely the client's, we do help them to put together and manage the dreaded A, B, and C list guests.  Our system correlates all names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, in addition to who's side the guest is on, whether they are a relative or a friend, and if there are any special notes we need to know about them.

Now, some couples find the process of receiving their RSVPs exciting! They look forward to going to the mailbox and tearing through the little envelopes. But that excitement quickly turns to frustration when they see guests RSVP for additional people that aren't quite invited, when the hand writing is eligible, or when the dreaded blank card comes in!  We avoid all of that by having the RSVPs come directly to our office.  We update the list daily, and send a weekly recap to our clients with photos of anything questionable that we cannot come up with the answer to.

And all of those uncomfortable conversations?  We take care of it for the couple.  After all, it's easier for me to call a great aunt or college friend and explain that, no, the cannot bring their 4 children or their recent Tinder date to the wedding.  I'm also able to help head off issues by noting dietary restrictions, health issues, or interpersonal squabbles by giving the clients a neutral party to talk to.

Once all of the RSVPs are in, seating charts become a breeze!  We split the list based first on families, then close friends and business associates.  This makes grouping the names into 8's and 10's fairly easy.  Then, we tackle the remaining guests and group them by age and interests.  Typically, however, we find that we've made some pretty solid selections and there aren't too many stragglers left.  

At the final review, we ask for any information that may help us manage the day.  We take note of any guests that may not get along, anyone who has an allergy, known drama queens, and  anyone who many need assistance of any time.  Those names and table numbers are highlighted on our list, and we share the concerns with the venue.  The more information we all have, the more we can discretely share with the service team, the better we all can be at taking care of the guests on site.  And really, it's the guest experience that makes your wedding the "best day ever" for them, too.

You can download the chart I use with my clients HERE.  If you love it, have any suggestions, or RSVP Management tips of your own please share them below.  And if you need a wedding planner, party planner, or event designer, know that I am here for you and you can CONTACT ME at any time!


Who handles the RSVPs for a wedding?  Does my wedding planner do RSVP management?
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