Creating a Fashion Story for Editorial Features

Las Vegas Wedding Planner shares a behind the scenes image of a bride being fit for her wedding dress.

Getting your wedding featured by a noteworthy publication requires more than just stunning photography and lush florals; it requires fashion forward styling that matches the branding and feel of both the the specific publication and your wedding reception.

Fashion is one of the most personal ways in which we communicate with our guests and the world at large. What we wear is a combination of art, architecture, movement, and personal style all rolled into one. And yet we spend more time debating the way in which we will style our tables than how we will style ourselves on the day of a wedding. For couples wanting to be featured, it’s so important that the fashion selection not only matches the tone of the event, but that the styling is aspirational for other couples. You want to look and feel like yourself, but with the very best hair and makeup, and elevated accessories that speak to who you are as an individual.

While many women have spent years dreaming about what they will wear down the aisle, just as many find themselves flustered when they finally shop for their wedding dress (or jumpsuit, tuxedo, or skirt set if you are super fashion forward). I’m often lucky enough to be invited along on shopping trips, and my first questions are always, “How do you feel?” and “What do you want to say?” Because pretty isn’t enough. The look had to be intentional, and it has to further the story of the day. Therefore, brides who aspire to have their wedding showcased need to focus on special details that mix both trend and tradition.

For the attire, I always recommend a mix of couture and comfort. The structure of bridal couture is very different from other construction, and in order for a bride to feel beautiful and confident she has to be comfortable. Each woman inherently knows herself, and she will decide what she feels her most beautiful in, be it a ballgown or a slinky Berta. While the shapes of wedding gowns have remained largely consistent, the way in which a piece is embellished changes from season to season. Pleats, Once the base attire is set, I like to move on to shoes.

Shoes change the way in which a woman stands. Her height and carriage change based on the heel, as does the way that her body shapes and the way she moves. Nearly ever luxury brand offers some sort of bridal shoe line, and I love the crystals, lace accents, and tulle that you will often find here. For something very different, however, I like to go with a straightforward fashion shoe in a metallic, blush color, or black. I like to see a little edge in footwear, and I love the idea that a bride can wear the shoe again. One way to ensure that you make a statement with your footwear is to select a brand you love in advance, and buy what I consider to be a backup pair for your fittings. As the date gets closer, you can see if there is a new shoe with the same height that you can purchase instead. Editors love new and fresh, and footwear is a great way to show that you pay attention to trends and that you are a tastemaker that their readership would be interested in following.

Next, it is time to move to headwear and hair. There is nothing, truly nothing, that I love like a veil. Your wedding day is the only time that you will have the opportunity to wrap yourself in yards of gossamer tulle. There is nothing more romantic, and no better bridal signal. Still, with or without a veil you must do something interesting. Whether you secure your veil with a beautiful jeweled clip or a cluster of fresh florals, it’s important to add some sort of accent. Some brides opt to begin with a veil, and then remove it for the first dance and switch to a jewel encrusted headpiece. Bird cages, clips, caps, and dazzling accents with textured hair look fresh and avantgarde, and they are certain to catch the eye of editors.

Once the styling of the attire, shoes, and headpieces are finalized, we wrap up the look with interesting accessories. Jewelry always makes an interesting statement. Currently, big earrings are the major statement maker, but don’t underestimate the value of a well placed cuff on the wrist or a jeweled necklace. Clutches, wraps, right hand rings and alternative toppers are also eye catching and coveted by editors looking for statement pieces.

While much of the focus tends to be on what a bride will wear, grooms are taking fashion more seriously than ever before. Most of my grooms want to look dashing, handsome, and classic. Those grooms are very easy to style, as that aesthetic calls for a crisp and classic tuxedo; black pants, black jacket, and black bowtie. Less formal and more contemporary gentlemen sometimes swap the bowtie for a traditional tie, or they look for color. Midnight blue has become a safe alternative, as has grey with black piping. A white dinner jacket is also a beautiful alternative, and very apropos for a formal wedding.

Jewelry, hairstyle, facial hair, and shoes are another way for grooms to communicate. Red bottoms for men are a great way to show that you love fashion, while velvet slippers are a sexy alternative to the traditional shoe for later in the evening. Jewelry, watches, and hair styling also play a very important role in how a groom styles himself on the day of his marriage. A clean shave and slicked back hairstyle is going to be perceived as an elegant look, while longer hair, facial hair, and trendy statements like man buns and long beards are going to look fresh in the moment, but they may breed regret later as the look will undoubtedly become dated as time goes on.

Neither sex can ignore the power or perfect tailoring. Where a hem falls or a pant leg breaks is the difference between couture and off the rack. A quality tailor will use fabric to sculpt your individual body in such a way that makes the best of use of your proportions. Our society is rapidly becoming more inclusive, and so yoru shape and stature mean less than the way in which you outfit yourself.

Whenever possible, I recommend working with a stylist. If maintaining tradition and not seeing one another before the wedding, a stylist will help ensure that the newlyweds match one another in terms of the overall direction of the day. Additionally, a stylist will help with posing techniques, and ensure that all of your seams are straight and that every inch of fabric is perfectly pressed. Stylist work with photographers to ensure that you are positioned in such a way that shows the fashion best.

As a business, I love seeing my couple’s featured and I work very hard to ensure that their weddings are curated in a way that makes that possible. Yet the most important thing to me is still that my clients feel comfortable and beautiful at their weddings. I need to know that the two individuals in front of me will still be in love with their look and their memories 20 years from now. These memories become more important with time, and it’s those memories that we value above all things.