Celia & David ~ My Personal Video

Now that the cat's out of the bag and Celia & David have announced their marriage to the world, I can share with you some of my personal video footage from their very special day! 

If you had asked me 10 years ago which element of a wedding you could probably do without I would have told you a video.  But, my friends, I couldn't have been more wrong. For I gave that was before kids grew up, grandparents were lost, friendships faded, and (let's be honest) there were much fewer lines on everyone's face, and fewer grays in everyone's hair.

Having your wedding captured on video allows you to relive those moments again and again.  Every breath, every sound, and all of those moments that flew by in the blur of the day!  Yet for some couples, hiring a videographer is  simply not practical.  Take the lovely Celia & David, a couple so in love they eloped to Las Vegas with nary a soul in the know! In fact...I served as both their wedding planner and their witness!

Still, I could not bear the thought of these two not seeing the day through my eyes, and I wanted their family and friends to share in the little moments that took place along the way.  So with a Flip Cam in hand and a little sneakiness on my part, I discretely shot throughout the day and edited it together as a surprise to our wonderful couple!

Sharing this with them and now you has been a joy!


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