Celebrating My 10th - No, 9th! - Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit

CORRECTION! My 9th Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit!

SLS Baha Mar

If anyone would have told me a decade ago that I would be celebrating my 10th Engage Luxury Wedding Summit, I would never have believed them. Yet here I am….Sitting at the airport, delayed for hours, and not even a little but bitter (bit OMG a whole lot tired!) waiting to board my flight for my tenth….TENTH…Engage.

I say it every year, and I will say it again because now - more than ever - the sentiment rings true….

This conference has absolutely changed my business, which in turn has changed my life. The things I learn with each and every trip continue to delight, surprise, and inspire me. More than the education, however, are the relationships. Having attended my first Engage within a year of starting my business, it was very much the way in which I was introduced to the industry at large. Many of the people that I met at my first Engage (I’m looking at you, Brian Worley and Cindy Novotny) have become friends that I adore, and it is through this conference that I have strengthened relationships that came to be through other networking events (sending a big shout out and lots of love to everyone from The Knot Pro, Kaleigh Weiss, and Brian Leahy).

While packing for this trip my husband asked me what I was looking forward to the most about this conference, and I said, “I just can’t wait to be with my people.” Tony said, “I can see that. The deepest relationships you have - even in your personal life - are with the friends you have made through Engage.”

That made my heart so happy. I love that he sees the value and the intimacy of the relationships that I have made, and that he respects and supports this process the way he does.

Engage is in so many ways adult camp. It’s where you leave your regular life behind, and for a handful of days you escape to the most exotic of locations and dig in with the friends who have become family. You learn about the industry; sure. But mainly you learn about yourself. There is a push, and a pull, and so much of your time is spent with others, there are these pockets of quiet moments when you are alone with your thoughts, or sitting with just a few friends, and suddenly you realize something new about yourself, your business, your clients, and your future.

And with that, I going to snuggle into my seat and rest up. The next 5 days are guaranteed to teach me something, and I will come back home a better planner, a better designer, and a better business owner than I am today. But most importantly, I’ll come back a better person.

Until then, my friends…Follow along all in my Instagram Stories for all of the amazing Engage Goodness. And to my friends who weren’t delayed and who are landing soon…

Save me a space by the water…I’m coming for you!



Quick trip down memory lane….from my very first (and very pregnant) Engage up until now…
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