Can a Ballgown Be Sexy?

Can a ballgown be sexy?

Once upon a time, bridal meant ballgowns, and demure styling was all the rage.  Recently there has been a trend towards overt sex appeal.  Fitted silhouettes, mermaid cuts, and trumpet styles that are fitted to the body are designed to bring a va-va-va-voom feeling to the bridal experience.  Recently, the Duchess of Sussex has brought back structure and style from an architectural point of view, which leaves me wondering....

Are ballgowns still a viable option for a modern bride; and can they be sexy?

Bride to be Danielle and I traveled the country (quite literally from Miami and Las Vegas to New York, LA, Beverly Hills, and everyplace in between) in search of the perfect dress for her wedding.  Danielle knew what she wanted from the very beginning in terms of style, and it decidedly was not a ballgown!  Still, in the midst of the 27+ dresses we tried on, I did convince her to get into a ballgown, and we worked with the team at Lovella Bridal to style it in a way that felt very modern and fresh.

Danielle agreed to let me share these since they are not the dresses she chose, and I offer you 10 tips on styling your bridal ballgown so that it feels more sexy, less stuffy.

1.  The Low Back.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a ballgown with a low back?  SO HARD!  The shape and weight of the dress typically require some sort of structure to keep the dress in place  But this Ines di Santos has a deep, low back that just oozed sex appeal!

2.  Dazzling details.  Embellishments such as crystals, feathery appliqués, and sequence add glamour and a touch of allure to a dress that is typically considered more on the sweet side.

3.  Bare Shoulders.  The idea of a strapless ballgown isn't new, but an off the shoulder accent that just innocently slips down does add allure and appeal to the top of a full dress.  It's sexy and come hither, without being over the top.

4.  Illusion and Naked Accents.  Lace gets a modern facelift when layered on top of a flesh toned liner. Being able to see the skin is sexy in all ways, and having a peak through the fabric with lace, tulle, or netting will ensure that your ballgown isn't at all stodgy.

5.  Come Hither....How you feel in the dress comes out in your eyes and smile.  When you put it on and feel sexy, that will translate and come through in your face.

Personally, I love anything that moves and glides.  The floating aspect of a bridal ball gown is inherently alluring to me, and knowing that it can be styled in ways that feel sweet, simple, sexy, and stunning make ball gowns an eternally chic option for brides today, tomorrow, and always!

Check out some of the ballgowns Danielle tried on for me, along with a variety of styles from Spring Fashion Week 2019.  You'll see how the overskirts at Naeem Khan mimic the feel of a ballgown, how the billowing back of an Antonio Riva added the volume of a traditional skirt, and how Marchesa once again killed it with a gorgeous fitted wedding dress.

Which is your favorite?  What style wedding dress are you planning to wear?  Comment below or DM me your photos to be shared on social!


Bride in ballgown by Ines di Santo.
wedding ballgown by Ines di Santo.
Antonio Riva Bridal.  Fashion Week 2019.
Marchesa Bridal 2019.  Photo via BRIDES.
Alyssa Greenberg.  Overskirts mimic ballgowns by Naeem Khan at Bridal Fashion Week 2019.