Brides & Grooms Joining "AA" in Record Numbers

My husband noticed the trend first.

It started innocently enough...A "like" on a status post here, a double tap there...It wasn't long before we saw past and future couples chatting in the comment sections of my Instagram posts.  Soon after, they were moving beyond my page, and following one another.  They started becoming Facebook friends, and chatting on Snap.  They got to know one another.  They started to like each other.  We saw that they were talking about real life; not just wedding planning.  

It's no secret that I become friends with my brides and grooms.  But now they are becoming friends with each other!

"Is this weird?" my husband asked.  "I mean, this doesn't normally happen, does it?  It's like AA or something..."

"AA?" I asked....What do you mean?"

"It's just a collection of semi-anonymous couples talking about wedding planning with you...AA...Andrea's Couples Anonymous.  It's weird, right?"  

I didn't think it was weird.  I actually found it sweet, and I assumed that this sort of thing was happened on a regular basis across the wedding community.  But when I asked around a bit, I found that, no, it was not happening to other planners or pros.  Just me and my family of brides and grooms!  Amazing!

But it begs the question....Why?  Why do my people get together online and stay in touch for months (or years!) after their weddings?  I think some of it is a by-product of social media; the idea that it takes a village to plan a wedding. The internet allows that village to expand over space and time.  Another factor is that planning a wedding is such an intense, intimate experience.  Being able to share that with someone outside of your regular social circle is a powerful thing.  Not to mention exciting!  And let's be honest, my people are beautiful and sexy and super cool.  Why wouldn't they fall in friendship with one another?

I believe that I work with the greatest couples in the world.  My brides and grooms - and, by extension, my readers and planning peers - are smart and funny.  Edgy and interesting.  Seriously, you guys!  You run wild with creativity, battle against expectations, and you have just the biggest hearts out there.  You are irreverent and wonderful, intense and beautiful. 

I for one am lucky to have you.  You are lucky to have each other.  So chat away, grab a glass of wine, and come to AA with the rest of us.  It's super fun here!