Behind the Scenes at a Luxury Las Vegas Wedding

What exactly does a wedding planner and event designer do? And what does it take to produce a truly custom, high end wedding?

These are the questions that I am asked most often when I tell people what I do for a living. My short answer to, “What exactly do you do?” is typically, “Everything.” But, you don’t full appreciate what that means until you see it, live.

Wheil getting ready to produce Danielle and CJ’s wedding (which you are going to see a whole lot of in the coming weeks!) my husband said, “You should really make a behind the scenes video to show people just how much work goes into this.” It sounded like a fun experiment, and it’s turned into a movement! Since I debuted this video on YouTube, I’ve been contact about it, helped other planners create their own videos, I’ve taught classes on it, and I could not be happier about the way in which this piece, filmed and edited by Matthew Schenck of M Place Productions, has been received.

In it you’ll see me do everything from answering emails and phone calls to styling my bride, managing social media, counting plates, folding napkins, and even using my body as a measuring tool as I lay on the floor to show exactly where I want something place. If you read lips, you’ll find a very funny moment while I address the group during the rehearsal dinner, and anyone who spends any time with kids will know what it feels like to chase down a little person as they run away from a photo op.

I am so, so proud of this video. It really was a leap of faith to have a crew film me for three days, but having the ability to look back on the experience, to notice where we got it really right and to also use this as a tool for growth is spectacular.

And just for fun, I am also going to link the actual highlight reel from this wedding. On one side, it’s all pretty. On the other, it’s all about the work. I love both, all of it, always….