Behind the Scenes Wedding Video, Chateau Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito shares her personal video from the wedding of My-Lee & James at Chateau Las Vegas.

Has it really been 6 months since My-Lee married James at the rooftop gardens of Chateau Gardens and Nightclub? 

While I shared the photos from this wedding almost immediately, I was never quite sure of what to do with our Vine videos.  I have not yet perfected the idea or execution involved with turning my Top 10 Vines into a one minute wedding (still struggling with that, to tell you the truth) and I felt that the Lion Dance - truly one of the coolest things I have ever done - deserved a better representation that what I could offer through my little iPhone.  And so, like with all things that we don't take care of immediately, the footage sat, untouched, for longer than it should have.

Everyone knows that I am a huge supporter of video in any and all forms.  Any video is better than no video!  And after spending the last week talking to some of the most talented and passionate video teams in the industry I got inspired and decided that it was time to do something to honor My-Lee and James.

Since the "old" format wasn't quite working I decided to jump in and try something new.  So for the first time ever I have layered in a bit of background music, played with sound, and filled in the gaps with some gorgeous photos taken by my friend and al around awesome photographer Adam Trujillo.

Please let me some comments and let me know what you think.  And please remember - Nothing takes the place of a professional photo and video team!