Beautiful Bridesmaids Gifts from Bryan Anthonys

Bridesmaid jewelry by Bryan Anthonys.

If you are going to gift the girls in your life, give them something that they can wear again and again for years to come!

Buying things for people has always been a lot of fun for me. I love hunting for the perfect piece, and giving things with meaning. I’m also a big believer in the idea that things carry energy; especially jewelry. You wear it on your body and carry it around with you all day, so it has to mean something. It’s one of the reason that jewelry is often given as gifts to a bridal party. Not only is it beautiful, but the intention behind it is that the pieces will remind you of a relationship or a moment in time for years to come. I was never a fan of the matchy-matchy earring and necklace sets as bridesmaids gifts because often times the bridesmaids wear them once on the day or the wedding, and never again. They just don’t meant anything or speak to them personally.

Recently a client asked me to help her find gifts for her bridal party that they could wear every day. I was searching for pieces that could go from brunch to dinner or girls night, and that they could wear on the road while traveling for the destination wedding without looking like they were trying too hard. I came across Bryan Anthonys, and loved that each piece was designed to communicate an individual idea or message. We picked up a mix of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that we gave to each bridesmaid as they arrived. The girls loved them and wore them all weekend long!

Since then, I jumped on the bandwagon and have been wearing a few of their pieces myself. I got the Peaks and Valleys ring, which reminds us to ride the highs and lows with class and grace. i was wearing it everyday as a midi until my daughter fell in love with it. She steals everything from me! But I kind of love seeing her in my things. She now wears Peaks and Valleys as a sparkly thumb ring.

But my absolute favorite piece, the one I fell in love with originally and just had to have is the Beautifully Broken necklace. I loved the sentiment behind it, that out of the hard and the heartbreak you can make something stunning. If you follow me on social, especially on Instagram, you have definitely seen this on me, and you will again! I wear it almost every day!

If you are a bride to be or recently married, there are pieces for you, too. I love a “wifey” or “Mrs.” piece as much as the next wedding obsessed woman out there, but sometimes you want something a little more subtle where the message is just for you; not the rest of the world. The “Two Become One” necklace is especially pretty as a layering piece. It’s easy to wear with a simple T or a sweater but still pretty with a dress or a sexy blouse, skinny jeans, and heels for date night.

Check out the entire line at Bryan Anthonys - they are adding new pieces constantly.



About Bryan Anthonys:

A brand developed so that women can create their own style and feel good about any outfit choice. Every item is thoughtfully created to be both fashionable and significant. Bryan Anthonys  is more than just another fashion label - it is a lifestyle.

It represents empowerment and positivity. It is an indication of life's fragility and the importance of self expression. It’s about living life like you want it to mean something and making every moment you are given count.

Beautifully Broken Necklace
Squad Goals Necklace
Peaks & Valleys Midi Ring
Friendship Jewelry by Bryan Anthonys
Bryan Anthonys friendship jewelry for everyday wear.
The perfect piece to wear post wedding.