Balance by Reverie Retreats | Mentor Andrea Eppolito

Reverie Retreats are produced by Erica Elizabeth Powell.  Photos by Cameron Kelly Studio. ©

Welcome to the Balance Reverie Retreat.  

"Balance is bullshit..."  So said I on a panel at the Balance Reverie Retreat.

How could I possibly say that?  Well, it may not have been the most elegant thing I have ever said, but I don't believe in the idea of balance in a traditional sense.  Too many of us stress ourselves out trying to achieve this mystical, and mythical, sense of yogi-like balance. We imagine this place where our minds are serene, our hearts are clear, and where we are in tune with our most authentic self...

Blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda.  It's a lie.  It doesnt' exist in a perfect way.  I believe it to be impossible.  

And that, my friends, is why I love and adore Erica Powell with all my might!

As the founder of both The Reverie Gallery and The  Reverie Retreat, Erica is not only a platinum wedding planner, she is also an entrepreneur, wedding taste-maker, brand influencer, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.  Her plate is full and her cup runneth over in ever sense of the word.  But she somehow looks beyond herself into the world, and thinks, "We could be better."

Erica believes that the pursuit of balance is important.  For her, balance is an individual and ongoing pursuit, unique and different for each business owner.  Erica knows that perfection can never been attained, but that the beauty is in the pursuit of it. Her idea of balance is one that allows business owners the ability to live life more in line with their own values and priorities.

When she invited me to be a mentor and a coach, along with a designer, for the Balance Reverie Retreat I was honored.  But balance?  I know business.  I know life.  I know resilience and messy.  Kids and deadlines. I know couples and friends.  Sticky hands, late nights, and bottomless coffee.  Not necessarily the vision of balance, but as someone who believes you learn more when you seek to teach, I was in.  And I have never been prouder of the work I did in those days at the Camelback Sanctuary in Scottsdale Arizona.

I learned quite a bit at the Balance Reverie Retreat 2016 that will be put into practice to make my business, my client's experience, and my life better.  For example, Erica ran us through dream-scaping exercises that have helped me clarify my goals, and taught me techniques that I will use to help my couples clarify their vision for their day.  Brian Leahy shared networking tips and gave important insight into managing social media so that you can communicate who you are more clearly.  I learned life hacks from my new bestie and the owner of both Meldeen and Garment Exchange, Kaleigh Wiese.  My friends from Cameron & Kelly Photography were on hand, and I got to see the world through their lens and a whole new set of eyes.  Will Talamelli worked video, venue reps talked about their challenges, creative partners expressed their visions and explained their view points.  I never went to camp, but this is kinda what I imagine it would have felt like.  You go in, knowing no one, and practically overnight you have a bunk full of besties, a family, a crew, and a place that feels safe. 

So in the end, I guess the most important thing I learned is that Balance is Bullshit, if you say it is!  The truth is, balance looks and feels different for everybody. For me?  It's not so much balance that I seek, but control.  Erica calls it being "conscious".  I don't know exactly what the best word to use is, but I do know how it feels when I have control over my days, and when I have the ability to use that control and consciousness to impact other people' slices in a really beautifully, lasting way.  When I combine control and consciousness, I can move through the world in a more peaceful way.  

 L'Auberge de Sedona

And so maybe perfect balance is unattainable, but personal balance is something we can all achieve if we have the courage to design it for ourselves.




Thank you to my partners and friends at By Dzign for sponsoring the beautiful welcome reception and, the stage from which we all spoke.  The grey, slate stone tones were an ideal match for the earthy environment of Camelback Sanctuary, and the individual terrariums were adorable!

Reverie Retreat Opening Night Session at Camelback Sanctuary. 
Destination Weddings at the Camelback Sanctuary in Arizona.
Reverie Gallery Founder Erica Elizabeth Powell. 
Host Manolo Doreste at The Balance Reverie Retreat.
Destination Wedding Photographer Brian Leahy speaking about networking. 
Luxury Destination Weddings in Scottsdale at the Camelback Sanctuary.
Being best friends!  Destination wedding planner Andrea Eppolito with Meldeen owner Kaleigh Wiese.
Stage By Dzign.  Reverie Retreat Wedding Conference. 
Geodes brought good energy into our Balance Reverie Retreat.  
Big laughs on stage with Mentors from the Balance Reverie Retreat.
Branding and got boxes at Balance Reverie Retreat.  

Thank you to my partners and friends for working along side me to design and execute the final night's Gala!  Ashley Schnippel and I have been dying to do something green and white forever, and the beautiful backdrop of the Royal Palms gave us the perfect opportunity!

White and green woodland gala for Balance Reverie Retreat.
Welcome table and escort cards.  Calligraphy.  Luxury destination wedding conference.  Balance Reverie Retreat.
Gala night at the Reverie Retreat. Destination Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito  |  Guest Speaker at Wedding Conference Reverie Retreat | Photo by Cameron Kelly Studio
Warm lounge seating at luxury wedding conference Reverie Retreat.  Featured by Speaker and Las Vegas Wedding Planner  Photo by Cameron Kelly Studio.
Textured Pillows and throws make for a comforting lounge area. 
Cocktails on the verandah of a luxury wedding conference in Scottsdale Arizona.
Representing Las Vegas at Luxury Wedding Conference Reverie Retreat. 
Enchanted arrival for a luxury destination wedding in Scottsdale.


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Luxury Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito speaking at The Balance Reverie Retreat.  Photo by Cameron Kelly Studio.
Speakers and Mentors at the Balance Reverie Retreat.  Photo by Cameron Kelly Studio.