Ask Andrea "What is the one thing couples should splurge on if they can afford it?"

What is something couples should splurge on if they can afford it?

What is something couples should splurge on if they can afford it?

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito answers questions for the Wedding Industry Experts Panel.


What is something couples should splurge on if they can afford it? 


The self-serving answer is a wedding planner!

In reality, though, each couples should have a "thing" that they walk away with. Something real and tactile that they can touch and hold.  In the digital age of technology everyone seems to just want a disk of images, and it's not enough! Every couple should have a high quality album that they can enjoy throughout their lives and that they can pass down as an heirloom.

There were some other really great answers from other wedding planners as well!

Kristin Banta:

"This answer will certainly be different for every couple as it really depends upon what the couple loves the most.  If the couple are big foodies and they love wine, I would suggest that the couple splurge on an amazing catering company and serve a nine-course tasting menu with wine pairings.  If the couple knows that their guests want to dance and party all night, a great band would definitely be a smart investment."  

Another one of my favorite answers was from Alexandra Rembac Goldberg of Stirling Engagements in Los Angeles:

"Video, video and video!  This is often the very first thing so many couples want to cut and in my opinion, truly one of the most important elements.  The wedding day goes by so very fast and there are an immense amount of moments that occur that often go right over your head because there are just so many.  Video enables you to relive the day through moments, words, emotions and so much more. 

 Over the past 8 years, we’ve had so many couples forego it and it often becomes their biggest regret, because of this I now strongly advise at least to purchase a bare minimum to document the day.  If they can really splurge, I’m of course all about the full edit but ultimately that is something that can always be upgraded post wedding as well.

Where you save and splurge is obviously a very personal choice, but it never hurts to get an inside look from the experts!

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