Ask Andrea on MORE Fox 5 - How to Accommodate Kids at Weddings

Las Vegas Wedding Planner offers tips on keeping kids calm and happy at your wedding!

Are you including kids at your wedding?  How to accommodate the little ones when they arrive.

Are you including kids at your wedding?  How to accommodate the little ones when they arrive.

One topic that comes up again and again when planning a wedding is, "What about kids?"

Personally, I adore having children at a wedding.  There is something about seeing those little faces, watching them experience the romance and the dress and the flowers and the music.  To small people, all weddings are royal fairytale come to life.  And, let's be honest, when kids are good at a wedding they are just adorable.  But when they are naughty or in the midst of a breakdown, it's even better!  In terms of photos and video, at least!

I love being on MORE!

I love being on MORE!

So what's the best way to accommodate kids and keep them not only cute, but quiet?  Here are my tips for both the couple and the parents that will be attending:

1.  It's all about preparation!  Bring in a new quiet toy that will entertain them during the ceremony.

2.  Feed babies and young children right before the ceremony starts.  Food calms children, keeping them full and happy during the vows.  With any luck, they may even nap!

3.  For the reception consider setting up a "kids lounge" complete with iPads, videos, puzzles, bubbles, and more.  You can print personalized coloring books and activities, and maybe even lay out some pillows, blankets and sleeping bags.  This is a big moment for kids - Expect them to alternate between wild excitement and crashing exhaustion.

And if all else fails, be prepared with an "exit strategy" - For example, what if you need to escape the vows with a crying baby?  If you sit in the back and far from the aisle should can sneak out without interfering with the photos or video.

A big thank you to my very good friends at MORE Fox 5 for inviting me back on once again!