An Engagement in Maui | Stephanie and Adrian

This international couple has a love story that has taken them around the world and back again!

Stephanie and Adrian met while in residency at at the Texas UT Southwestern/Parkland Hospital.  He was a bit older, and taken with the young intern he got to know during overnight shifts.  Stephanie was drawn to Adrian's intelligence and humor, but worried about dating a coworker.  Still, after a date that down-graded to a night out "as friends" his enthusiasm for the Eagles impressed her, while her love of sushi won him over.  Adrian told Stephanie that he understood why she wanted to remain friends, but admitted that he really wanted to kiss her.  And, over text, she finally admitted that's what she wanted, too.  And so began their whirlwind romance. 

"One day at work, when he did not know I was in the Emergency Department, I had the privilege to watch him talk and take care of an elderly patient," said Stephanie.  I think I fell in love with him that day.  Of course, I knew how well he treated me, but watching the way he interacted with this elderly female with such respect, kindness, and patience- I knew that I had truly found the most amazing man."

Two and a half years later, the couple flew to Hawaii -  a place they have spent time in and loved. Under the ruse of celebrating a friend's birthday, Stephanie and Adrian headed up to the beautiful volcano of Haleakala.  With little more than a slip of make up on, the couple headed to the top of the volcano.  Standing in the sun, over 10,000 feet above sea level, the two were sitting on a blanket of white clouds.  Stephanie heard Adrian whisper in her ear, “I want to spend every sunset with you for the rest of my life."  She turned around to find him on his knee, and she burst into a "YES!"  

Stephanie and Adrian's love in infectious!  Together, they are the most generous, humble, kind, smart, funny, and amazing human beings!  I am glad they picked me, and cannot wait to plan their destination wedding here in Las Vegas!

Let the countdown to October 2017 begin!