A Twilight Wedding ~ Congratulations to Bella & Edward

Bella & Edward Wedding Invitation

While I admit that there is a part of me that feels rather silly, I cannot help but give a little nod to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen on this, their wedding day!  Or, rather, their first anniversary!

Whether you are 13 or 103, it has been nearly impossible to ignore the allure of Twilight.  Of all vampires, really.  The world has been obsessed with these mythical creatures for centuries.  Whether you prefer Nasferatu or Dracula, True Blood's Sookie and Bill, or, alas, Twilight's Bella and Edward, there is an unmistakable allure existing between a vampire and the mortal woman he falls in love with.  These tales encapsulates everything we women tend to dream about.  The delicious idea of a forbidden love rising up and overcoming all of the odds.  The tortured yet adorable bad boy turned hopeless romantic when he meets the woman of his dreams.  There is passion, longing, love, waiting and realization.   Since the inception of the Twilight series, the upcoming wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen has been talked about, dreamed of, sketched, designed, and obsessed over.

We know that the ring is micro-pave, and the hair clip is vintage.  For the dress, the incomparable Carolina Herrera.  The stationary is classic, and the ceremony is takes place in the mystical forest they fell in love in.  The Twilight Saga has inspired more than a few love stories of its own, and will undoubtably serve as inspiration for many weddings to come.

So Congratulations Bella & Edward.  The world awaits the release of your "wedding video" ~ Coming Soon!


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All Photos Courtesy of / Taken from MTV OFficial Twilight Trailer.

Wedding Ceremony, Bella walking towards Edward
Vintage Hair Clip and Veil
Outdoor Ceremony of Edward and Bella
Twilight Groom Edward Cullen at the Wedding Ceremony
Twilight Wedding ~ Bella & Edward
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