3 Ways to Propose on Christmas

The Little Blue Box from Tiffany - What could be better?  This is how to propose on Christmas!

The Little Blue Box from Tiffany - What could be better?  This is how to propose on Christmas!

Tis the season for engagement!  In the moments that take place between Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning many a man (and more than a few women!) will find themselves with a ring burning a hole in their proverbial pockets!  Are you preparing to propose, and still searching for a way?  Here are three unique and amazing ways to present the best present you could ever hope to give or receive.

1.  Decorate the tree AND your love's most important finger with an engagement ornament!  You can hang the ring from the tree on it's own, dangle it from an existing ornament, or wrap a new glass ornament and have the ring sitting inside of the glass.  When you secure the "Yes!" you can either smash the glass (a la Jewish wedding tradition) or you can open the ornament from the top, and replace the real ring with an impostor that you can hang for years to come.

2.  Give the Gift of Love - With an empty box sure to stun and confuse your beloved!  The idea is this...Wrap any size box (bonus confusion points if you wrap a ring size box) and leave it under the tree.  Present it, and watch she (or he) tears through the paper, only to find that there is nothing inside.  Your soon-to-be betrothed will turn in confusion to find you on your knee with the real ring in hand.

3.  Everyone loves Santa!  Arrange for a local Santa Claus to come by on Christmas Eve, or during your Christmas Day breakfast, and hand out a few gifts to those you are celebrating with.  Just before he leaves, he can dig through his bag to find one last, special present, that he can present.  You may have Santa gift it directly to your love, or you can have him give it to you.  When you open the box, you can turn and say, "I actually think this belongs to you..." Then take a knee, and propose away!

Whether over the top elaborate or simple and sweet, just be sure that you speak from the heart, profess your love, and di your best to have the moment caught on film.  Afraid to tip your hand?  With a little advanced planning you can set a camera up for a times photo, selfie, or video and propose then.

Happy Holidays...And good luck!

With love...always...