10 Things to Know About Getting Engaged Over the Holidays

These days, it feels as if the holiday music begins just moments after the last little critter has stepped away from the door after calling, "Trick or Treat."  Yes, the holiday season is upon us....already!  How did that happen so fast?!?!?

To most of the world, November, December, and even early January are considered the Holiday Season.  But to couples in love (and the wedding industry at large) this time of year is more aptly known as Engagement Season.  

Here are a few things you should know if you are a bride to be, a groom to be, if you are planning to propose, or if you are hoping to see someone drop to one knee!

  1. Planning to buy an engagement ring?  This may not be the best time to shop; at least not in a traditional retail store.  Sure, you probably have a holiday bonus in your hand, and the stores have a ton of rings in stock and financing available.  Not to mention the fact that there is something intoxicating about just walking in with an idea and walking out with a ring.  Which is why it's a great time to propose, but not the best time to buy.  Instead, take your time to visit as many retail stores as possible, look into online options, and work with a diamond broker to educate yourself and secure your stone before the rush, when the deals and the customer service are undoubtably better.
  2. Nearly 1/3 of all proposals happen over the holidays, from mid-November to New Year's Eve.  Christmas and New Year's are by far the most popular dates of engagement, but Thanksgiving is growing in popularity as families and friends come together in a slightly more laid back setting.  
  3. Making an announcement should be fairly easy, as your nearest and dearest will naturally be coming together to celebrate the season with you.  Just be certain to tell your immediately family first, then tell any friends you will be seeing in person before announcing it on Facebook and Instagram. 
  4. Your Engagement Photos should look awesome!  Everyone is dressed up and fancy, the rooms are well lit, you are surrounded by the people you love the most....If you get engaged during the holidays your pictures should be gorgeous.  Thinking you will find a ring under the tree on Christmas morning?  Take an extra few moments to brush back your hair, swipe on a lightly tinted chapstick, and give yourself that adorable morning styling that you won't be embarrassed to post on Facebook.
  5. Early holiday engagements are great, but don't allow your happiness to take over the season!  Enjoy your newly engaged status, but don't let the meaning of the season get lost in your love.  Give people the chance to fawn all over you, and then be sure to return the favor.  Your best friend may not have gotten engaged (awkward if she was hoping to!) but she may have gotten a gorgeous designer bag, a great vacation, or something sweet and sentimental.  Be as excited for her as she is for you!
  6. Along those lines, don't rush and try to jam an engagement party into the season.  There are so many other events taking place, an engagement party will feel like a burden when squished between office parties, church functions, family get togethers, and dinners with your best friends.  Hold off on an engagement party until a few weeks into the new year, giving everyone a chance to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, to catch their breath, and to catch up on their finances before hosting another big event!
  7. Your Big News may get lost in the holiday shuffle!  Don't feel bad if you don't immediately hear back when you text or post your big news.  Most people will be on a digital diet, stepping away from their social media to enjoy their actual social life.  And even if they do see a text from you, they may assume it is simply a greeting.  Go ahead and post your news anyway...Then follow up again a few days later with another pretty picture so everyone can admire your new bling!
  8. Not everyone will share your joy.  Heartbreaking, isn't it?!?  But the truth is, as wonderful as the holidays are, and as truly happy as your friends and family are for you, this is also a reflective time that gives many people the blues.  From mild annoyance to major depression and every emotion in between, try to remember that someone's lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with your (or their love for you) and everything to do something going on in their own lives.  As tempting as it is to lose yourself in the moment - or to beat them up over it later - know that they love you, and that once the craziness of the holiday season passes they are sure to come out of their funk and enjoy your new status along side of you.
  9. Be prepared for the questions!  As soon as you announce your engagement, expect a flurry of questions, the first one being, "So when are you getting married?!?!?"  This is excellent practice for the questions you will get at your wedding, which start with, "So when are you having a baby?!?!"  A stock answer of, "We have no idea, we just got engaged!" may hold people off for a moment or so, or it will just lead to more questions and some unsolicited advice.  Either way, when you have a moment alone together come up with a united front and at least an idea of when you would like to tie the knot.
  10. The Un-Engagement....For weeks, maybe months, you've been hearing about the big surprise coming your way, the amazing gift your love has planned, how you're going to just die when you open your gifts.  You are so excited, and so sure!  But then, that small little box under the tree that you were sure was a ring?  Earrings.  Or a tie clip.  Or something else that you don't even really care about because in this moment all you can think is, "Oh my God....It's.  Not.  A.  Ring!"  It's hard not to be disappointed (and a little confused) when you have been praying, hoping, waiting, and thinking that an engagement is on the horizon.  But there's nothing less attractive that someone crying on Christmas because they didn't get the ring of their dreams.  Instead, be gracious, be thankful for the wonderful person sitting in front of you, and know that the proposal is going to be coming when you least expect it.  

Are you really getting engaged for the holidays?  Do you think it might be coming, or do you know for sure?  

If you or a loved one got engaged on a holiday of the past, I would love to hear your strories and see your pictures.  Planning a holiday proposal, but not quite sure how to do it?  Contact me here for proposal planning ideas!  And if you do happen to receive a proposal over the holidays, I want to hear your story and feature your engagement here on the blog!  Tell me all about it!

Until then, tis the season!  And be sure to keep up on your manicures!


Fun Personal Fact - I got engaged on Thanksgiving, and married one year to the day later! This was my Instagram pic!

Fun Personal Fact - I got engaged on Thanksgiving, and married one year to the day later! This was my Instagram pic!