I love what I do!  I love who I do it for, and who I do it with.

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This is a passion, not a profession.  It is not a career, it's a calling.

And I love it!


I was introduced to the wedding industry as a teenager, and fell head over heels in love.  This process is just intoxicating.  The love stories.  The fashion.  The vows, and the flowers, and the music.  How could you not love this?

Day to day life can be....basic.  Which is why we need to celebrate the people we love, the moments that matter, and the milestones that come to us.  With so much average in the world, I need to create create something extraordinary. There is no choice for me - It is something I have to do!  I need to dazzle people, to offer them something they have never seen before.  I need to create memories and turn the world on its axis.

What do you need to do?  Why are you here?  What are you hoping to create?   What do you want?

I don't want normal.  I want  remarkable.


Destination Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito


I believe that the greatest luxury of all is love, and that those who find it are the luckiest among us. I believe that much too much is just right. I believe you do everything you need in order to tell the story, and then stop...

I believe in you, and the work we will do.

Destination Wedding Planning


The world is at once a big, beautiful place, and yet it is shrinking day by day. I am influenced by every trip I take, whether it is for work or play.

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I Am

I am grounded by my family. This man. These babies. That is all. I am relentless in the best of ways. I am a dreamer, and seek to create the world I wish existed.

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I believe in things that last. Quality, legacy, heritage, and elegance with just a touch of edge. My closet is stocked with Banana Republic, BCBG, Jimmy Choo, LV, and just a touch of Chanel.

Andrea gave us the wedding of "Our dreams. I knew that she would make our wedding truly special. What she produced was above even our wildest, most spectacular dreams!"



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