Celebrating life, luxury, and above all else...Love.

Marie & Carlos

 Copyright Stephen Salazar Photography

Timeless love in the age of the internet

Who says that technology has killed romance?

Marie and Carlos met as many modern couples do....online!  Their connection did not come from a dating site, however, but through a chance connection on Facebook! On January 2nd, 2011, Marie received a Facebook message from Carlos.  After a few days of contemplating whether or not to respond, she took a leap of faith. After exchanging several messages, the two met in person. Unconventional...yes!  But love is love, and they knew immediately!

After dating for three years, Carlos lured Marie to BOA Steakhouse under the guise of celebrating a friend's birthday.  After dinner, the waiter present Marie with a dessert menu.  In place of the items, the menu read, “Marie, Will You Marry Me?”   She was stunned, and looked up to find Carlos holding a ring, ready to propose!

According to Carlos, the whole thing was planned impulsively within minutes.  Since the engagement, the two have raised two pups, lived together in two different cities, traveled to New York, Jamaica, Cabo, Cancun, San Francisco, and the rest is history!

Please join us in celebrating the life & love of Marie & Carlos!


Our wedding will take place on Saturday, June 3, 2017

Paiute Golf Course

10325 Nu-Wav Kaiv Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89124



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With all that Las Vegas has to offer, we have created a simple SEE | DINE | DO Guide to help you navigate your way through the city.  Please download it here.


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