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Emily and Cameron

Emily & Cameron met in January of 2015 while out with mutual friends. According to Cameron, Emily wasn't that interested.  In fact, his exact words were, "She wouldn't give me the time of day!"  Sadly, that is likely true, as Emily doesn't even remember meeting him!

No matter; Cam was smitten....and relentless!  He went to each and every mutual friend that they had begging to get set up on a date.  It took 4 months for Emily to finally agree to to go to brunch with him.  Immediately, she felt something.  She took out her phone and began texting her friends about how much she liked him.  There was this immediate connection.  They had so much fun together, and spent all of their time together laughing.  It's wasn't long before Emily was head over heels in love .  Still cautious, she would ask her sister, "Am I in love??!"  to which her sister would reply "Obviously..."

In early November 2015, Cameron got pneumonia and was really sick. The two were separated while he recovered, making Cam realize that his feelings for Emily were real.  The moment he could see her again he professed his love, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

One year later in October 2016 Cameron asked Emily's parents permission to marry her.  As they absolutely adore him, they gave him their blessing.  Still, he waited another month, proposing at the end of November while touring Christmas Trees with Emily's best friend.  Emily said that while she was completely taken by surprise, that saying "yes" was the easiest decision she ever made.

According to Emily, "This is a dream come true. We are best friends and soul mates, and to this day we still spend the majority of our time together laughing."

One year later, Emily and Cameron will be married at The Palms Hotel.  Their November wedding will beautifully glamorous, bringing together family and friends from Utah, California, and beyond. 

We cannot wait to see you all in Las Vegas at The Palms Hotel.

xoxo - Emily & Cameron


Our wedding will take place at The Palms Hotel on November 11, 2017.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

5:00 PM  Ceremony in MOON

5:30 PM  Welcome Cocktails at MOON

6:45 PM   Dinner Reception in THE VIEW

10:00 PM  After Party in MOON

After dinner we will transition to a party full of dancing, drinks and music.





We will be staying at The Palm Las Vegas.  As a luxury oasis just off of The Strip, The Palm has casino, nightlife, restaurants, and more.

There are great deals to be had on www.AEETravel.com.  Booking through this website will allow you to stay at your top choice hotel for a significant discount!

Nightlife, show tickets, and restaurants are also available here.  


We have been so blessed with gifts from our friends and families. Your presence at our wedding is enough of a gift to us.

If you wish to give a gift, there will be a box for envelopes.


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