You Belong On the Cover of a Magazine!

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No one else is doing this...which makes it very exciting for me to share!

Every couple I meet has a story.  And every couple wants to share that story in a way that is unique and personal.  Couples want to affect their guests.  They want to share their lives, and take their guests on a journey.  In a world of pretty, pretty Instagram pictures, many want to unveil something that guests haven't seen - something real, authentic, and true.

Which is why I am now offering something previously reserved only to my couples to all people who have something to celebrate -- with planners, without planners, anyone, everyone.  

Introducing The Wedding Editorialist!

About a year ago, I began publishing personal wedding planning magazines for my couples.  Originally conceived as a "Thank You" gift from me to them, I wanted to create a momento of our time together.  The magazines included a style profile of the couple, articles showcasing their love story, engagement photos, emails, and text messages.  I included biographies on their photography team, videographers, and designers, along with a history of their venue and notes from any other creatives that came together to create their day.  I snapped photos during tastings and demos, at coffee meetings, and during dress fittings; all with the intention of presenting a completely customized journal of our time together.  

The moment that I received my first "issue" in the mail I knew that we had created something so wildly unique, and my couple was blown away!  It was like giving and receiving the greatest gift in the world.  In that moment, that feeling was enough.

I was shortsighted.  I thought that my couples would only want one or two copies for themselves, perhaps a few extra to share with a parent or bridal party.  But my people are extraordinary, and they took it to whole other level!  My brides and grooms started sharing their magazines digitally, then ordering them in mass quantities and sending them to all of the guests that came to the wedding as a part of the Thank You note and favor process.  Some of my couples began sharing their publications with other brides and grooms that they had connected with, and soon I was being asked to create pieces from past events, for couples that had used other planners, and - eventually - I was tasked with creating a piece that could be shared with guests in advance of the wedding.  "Well," I thought, "how am I going to do that without giving it all away?"  But where there is a will, there is a way, and the final piece became a magazine that will be waiting for guests in their suite when they check into their rooms this summer.  It will be sitting there on top of the other publications, as if it was pulled from the racks of Barnes and Noble.

As time went on, it became clear that doing this properly meant partnering with people who know more than I do about graphic design and production.  My long-term friend and collaborator Brian Derck and I met to discuss the project, and just like that....The Wedding Editorialist was born.

Today, I am so proud to unveil The Wedding Editorialist to you, and give you a glimpse into all of the ways our issues are being used.

The Features Issue is a favorite among couples that want something special to commemorate their day.  The Features Issue allows couples to share their love story in their own words, with fun, candid behind the scenes photos mixing in with professional images from their photographers.

The Luxe Issue is for couples who want something beyond basic.  These brides and grooms cement their celebrity status among friends and relatives by working with our editors to create full-color magazines that are larger, more detailed, and beautifully bound.  

These pieces do not compete with the couple's wedding album, they complement it.

Our Destinations Issue was inspired by my design partner Ashley Schnippel from DBD who asked out loud, "Do you think you could make one of these for me before my wedding?"  Her Luxe Destinations Issue is in production now, and will soon be featured on our website.  The Destinations Issue can be printed, emailed, or downloaded to a smart phone.  With all of the amazing articles and behind-the-scenes teases from wedding planning, this is the perfect favor to get guests excited about your upcoming event.  More than that, though, by providing guests with a FAQ section about the hotel, a curated list of things to see, dine, and do while visiting, and a heavily detailed itinerary, we guarantee that your guests will have a resource on-hand that they can turn to with questions....Without bothering you!

And lastly, we have our Pro Piece.  One of the most fulfilling and meaningful things I get to do as a part of this crazy industry is work with other professionals that I respect and admire.  Sometimes I am the mentor; sometimes I am the mentee.  No matter - we are always working together, learning from each other, making each other better.  The Professional Edition was created to give my colleagues an opportunity to make use of what Brian and I have spent a year learning in the click of a button!  Wedding Planners can create their own annual issue, which is a perfect way to catalogue and showcase their work to prospective clients and partners.  Or, they can purchase a Features Issue that can be created for their clients as a gift.  Wedding photographers are working with us to not only share their perspectives and curate their work, but they are joining the Ambassador program, selling magazines directly to their clients as a one-of-a-kind piece to go along with their albums.  I have venues and designers that want to show off the best of their work, and even entertainment agencies, musicians, and hair and makeup artists creating pieces that they can send and share.

The Wedding Editorialist can be emailed as a link, embedded in website, shared in a Facebook post, or added to an email signature.  Every issue includes a digitally hosted e-zine, a printed copy of the magazine, and a social media icon you can use to share your piece online.  Want additional copies?  Easy!  We simply send you the link to our wholesale printing partner, and you can order as many (or as few) as you would like.

I am a wedding planner first, last, and always.  But part of what I love about being a wedding planner is that I get to be a storyteller, an artist, a designer, and a historian.  Through my professional partnerships and speaking engagements, I get to be a teacher and a student.  Now, as a co-founder and partner  of The Wedding Editorialist, I get to be all that and maybe, if I'm lucky, a little bit more.

Interested in working with our team to create your very own magazine?  It's never too early to begin!  Check out The Wedding Editorialist now!

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The Wedding Editorialist welcomes you and cannot wait to connect!



PS - Our parent company, The Editorial Collective, will be launching our sister project, The Corporate Editorialist, in the coming months.  Designed to help businesses quickly and easily create and modify digital marketing pieces, The Corporate Editorialist will bring a bit of the style and romance of the wedding industry to more austere professions looking to shake things up a bit,

And for our lifetime legacy clients, we don't want to stop at your wedding!  Buy any issue we offer and for the rest of your life we will work with you to create magazines that celebrate and document all of life's most important moments.  From maternity sessions to new babies, international summer vacations to high school graduations, if you have a story, we want to tell it. You name the issue, we create it.


The Most Unique Wedding Favor in the world!   The Wedding Editorialist  is a responsive magazine you can flip through on your desktop, laptop, iPad, and phone.  Also available in print.  

The Most Unique Wedding Favor in the world!  The Wedding Editorialist is a responsive magazine you can flip through on your desktop, laptop, iPad, and phone.  Also available in print.  

Jennifer (Hixson) Weber holding her copy of  The Wedding Editorialist .  Nearly a year later and her guests are still sharing her digital copy and talking about the magazine.  

Jennifer (Hixson) Weber holding her copy of The Wedding Editorialist.  Nearly a year later and her guests are still sharing her digital copy and talking about the magazine.  

The Wedding Editorialist is the greatest keepsake!  It tells your love story, your way, wth your photos!

The Wedding Editorialist is the greatest keepsake!  It tells your love story, your way, wth your photos!

*Design and digital publication for a 24 page magazine begins at $500.  Printing and shipping charges will apply.