Our Wedding Announcement - After hosting a surprise wedding, we shared the news with our family and friends via a wedding announcement created by Alligator Soup.  Personal Photo by Me.

Our Wedding Announcement - After hosting a surprise wedding, we shared the news with our family and friends via a wedding announcement created by Alligator Soup.  Personal Photo by Me.

~ Reposted from the Original Dates of  October 16, 2012 & December 1, 2012~

If you are reading this (and I know you are) then I have done the impossible.


After nearly 7 1/2 years, 2 children and more laughter and love than I ever dreamed or hoped for the time came time for the Wedding Planner to get married.

I know what you're thinking...What took so long?  And what kind of Wedding Planner passes up on the chance to have a big, blow out wedding and sneaks off and elopes?!?!

The truth is that I really wanted to have a marriage, and then celebrate with a wedding.  After having spent years talking about, thinking about it and trying to compromise (as all brides do) we finally decided on a plan that would give us both everything we wanted.

First, we would secretly get married in a private ceremony (a la the elopements that I love so much) with only our children and immediate family in attendance.  This was my dream!  And The Groom (my now husband) finally agreed!

Instead of wedding invitations, we would send out wedding announcements - Much to the shock and delight (we hoped) of our extended family and friends!

Just writing this mock-blog makes me giddy!  I have a secret that I cannot share with anyone!  Imagine how hard that is!  You are engaged and about to be a bride and you can't talk about it with anyone!  Now imagine you are a wedding-obsessed wedding planner who lives and breathes weddings all day, every day...You see where I am going with this, right?

I'm in a very unique position here!  Can I step away from it all and abandon my role as the "coordinator"?  I'm getting to experience the other side in what I hope will be a once in-a-lifetime experience!

Since I was obviously unable blog about this in real-time, but with a great desire to share my thoughts and experiences, I have come up with a plan!  I have been keeping a wedding planning diary of sorts that will be published in pieces of the coming days and weeks!  Maybe even months!

UPDATE ~ Saturday, December 1, 2012

We have now been married for a week, and it still feels like a dream!

While there are truly no words that could ever thank those who helped me pull this off, I have to at least try to say Thank You...

To Dennis Silknitter and every single person we saw and spoke to at The Four Seasons Las Vegas...

To Randi Garrett and the entire team at Naakiti Floral...

To John Michael Cooper and Dalisa Cooper of Alt F...

To Ricky Gulati and John Sanchez Jr of Memory Lane Wedding Cinema...

To LaVey Kindred & Janine Cali of Your Beauty Call....

To Annette Cirillo-Bergen and Dawn Heaney of Couture Bride Las Vegas...

Not to mention to Nicky DeKranese of Dance the Night Away, Reverend Peter Billitteri, Helen of Alligator Soup and more...

You were every bit the fairy-godmothers and godfathers of the day, giving us more than we could have dreamed of!

I cannot figure out how you did it, or even why, but you came together and gave us magic, taking what was in our heads and hearts (and on my Pinterest board!) and setting the stage in a way that was elegant, timeless, ethereal and...just...more!

Truly, the entire experience was extraordinary - dazzling, lavish, intimate and wonderful!  It was everything we wanted, but would never have thought to ask for!  We will always be grateful...

I can only imagine what is to come...And look forward to sharing it here!


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UPDATE ~ January 2, 2013

Having just received our professional wedding photos from Alt F and knowing that our video is in "soon to be released" status with Memory Lane, I wanted to offer a little sneak peek of what is to come courtesy of an Instagram pic that Dalisa posted the day after the wedding.

Official photos, video and a proper blog post coming soon...

Sneak Peek Our Wedding
Sneak Peek Our Wedding

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