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After taking a two year hiatus from Destination Wedding Planning, I am finally back on the road again!  What a joy!  Las Vegas is my home and heart, but I am always looking for places and experiences that go beyond my backyard.

With a large number of my couples (hey Brian and Chris!) and corporate clients coming in from San Francisco, it was a natural destination for me to explore.  With a stunning room at the Sir Francis Drake as my home base, I took to the streets and am so excited to share with you my Top 5 Picks for Wedding and Events in San Francisco!

My 5 Favorite Venues in San Francisco - In No Particular Order!

1.  The Palace San Francisco

Image Courtesy of The Palace San Francisco.

Image Courtesy of The Palace San Francisco.

What can I say?  I love opulence in all forms, and The Palace simply oozes an old world romanticism that is literally second to none.  Described as "rich, stylish, and absolutely gorgeous. It’s improved upon, historic perfection" The Palace is truly befitting of it's name.  With a glass domed interior pool and fitness center, not to mention the stunning Garden Court, The Palace is a chandelier lovers dream come true.  Book a High Tea Bridal Shower, say "I Do"in Sunset Court, and host your reception in the Gold Ballroom or French Parlor.  Every inch of this venue will leave you breathless!

2.  The Bently Reserve

Image courtesy of The Bently Reserve

Image courtesy of The Bently Reserve

Strong lines, deco architecture, and vast open spaces make The Bently Reserve a clean slate from which you can build any style of wedding or event you wish.  The long, wide banking hall features high ceilings the just beg for a light pattern, there is room for one ultra-long banquet table or a mix of rounds and squares, and the ability to choose from a number of vendors allow you to create a once in a lifetime experience tailored to your exact specification.  The downtown location makes it easy to get to; add a trolley car and you have the perfect mix of contemporary styling and historical chic.

3.  The Academy of Sciences 

Photo by Lisa Farrer. Courtesy of the California Academy of Science.

Photo by Lisa Farrer. Courtesy of the California Academy of Science.

I am consistently inspired by children, all day, every day.  My son is just in love with all things science, and my daughter loves everything he loves.  And so off to the Academy of Science we went, where I fell in love with the uber-high ceilings, the wildlife, and the Planetarium...I love a good star show!  A few years back, one of my corporate clients used the space for a gala, and I always believed it would be a stunner of a wedding venue.  Imagine....Vows in front of the rainforest....Cocktails surrounded by jellyfish, and dinner in Africa Hall.  There are restrictions on amplified music, but the venue is worth it!

4.  Sir Francis Drake Union Square

Image by Jenna Beth Photography, Courtesy of The Sir Francis Drake. 

Image by Jenna Beth Photography, Courtesy of The Sir Francis Drake. 

Having been named one of the Best Boutique Hotels in San Francisco, I was super excited to stay at The Sir Francis Drake.  Full disclosure, the hotel rooms are not 100% pristine; there are little nicks and cracks on the wall and the elevator may squeak a time or two, but it all adds beautifully to the charm and old world elegance of the space.  From the costumed bellman to the front desk staff, everyone you encounter is friendly, professional, and personal.  The lounge features a deep shot of red coloring, the ballrooms are exquisitely appointed with tapestries and great lighting, and the food from Scala Bistro is simply to die for! 

Double Bonus Points - They allow pets, and they feature numerous photos of same-sex couples on their website.  Who doesn't love that?!?!?

5.  San Francisco City Hall

Photo courtesy of  IQ Photography.    

Photo courtesy of IQ Photography. 

I.  Love.  City.  Hall.  I mean...I love it.  Known world-wide, the building is just stunningly beautiful, with multiple rooms and spaces that are ideal for any size wedding and event.  Looking for a chic elopement in the west coast style of Carrie Bradshaw?  Well, ballgown be damned!  City Hall is the perfect place for your stylish little suit!  Dying to wear the largest dress you can while walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people?  Are you envisioning thousands of candles and lush, towering centerpieces?  Turns out that City Hall is perfect for that, too!

These 5 just sim the tip of what I was able to visit and experience in San Francisco.  With a turn around time of less than 2 hours by plane, San Fran is one of those places I visit again and again. 

Corporate clients and weddings adore this city, as do I.  Have I missed any amazing venues?  Leave me a note below.  Is there a client you think I need to meet?  Leave me a note below or message me here.


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