WEDDING TREND REPORT: White on White Weddings

White test on acrylic board.  

Wedding Trend Report 2018!

White on white weddings are forever a classic and will always be on trend.  Whether you are getting married in winter, spring, summer, or fall, white somehow manages to feel fresh, modern, and classic all at once.  

While it may seem easy to plan an all white wedding, there are a few things you must consider in order to do white well.

How To Plan An All White Wedding

  1. Select a Style to be Your Guide - White can be formal, whimsical, romantic, or rustic.  With nearly every element of a wedding available in white, you need to create a sub-theme or style guide to help you choose which white features and accents you will include.  White shells work on a beach, along with raw edged white linens and groupings of large white flowers such as calla lilies, white lilies, and dendrobium orchids.  Luxe weddings call for white drape, white carpeting, and major installations of white roses and orchids.  
  2. Tone one Tone - Do you know how many shades of white there are?  Of course not...No one does!  But a quick search turns up hundred of names, thousands of nuances, and more confusion than you thought you could find in a simple "white" search.  Some whites are cool, with blue undertones while other whites are warmer.  Don't be afraid to mix the various whites you find.  These subtle changes will balance the space and stop it from feeling frigid, or worse...dingy and beige.
  3. Introduce the Theme Early - As in, immediately.  Introduce your white on white wedding from the beginning with a white themed save the date.  Wear white in your engagement photos.  Use white ink in a deeper white paper.  White, white, and white.  Don't shy away from it, and don't shift.  Commit to the (lack of) color from the beginning and double down on the look in every way possible.
  4. Texture - An all white monochromatic color scheme requires texture to avoid falling flat.  Layering fabrics on tables, using milk glass mixed with ceramics, white candles , lace accents, laser cut menus, and soft white lighting will all play together to create depth and interest all within one color palette.
  5. Add a neutral accent - Strange to suggest adding another color into the mix when planning a white on white wedding, but there are so many things which do not come in white.  To avoid a shock to the eye as other colors come into the space (likey on your guests!) add a neutral in the form of metallics.  Personally, I love mercury glass.  It's a great mix of silver and gold, which is why it works so well.
  6. White Bridesmaid Dresses - There is something so badass about a bridal party in all white.  I think it sends such a message of strength from the bride.  She is literally standing there saying, "I don't need to be the only one in white.  I am bigger and better and bolder than that."  The trick is in scale and fabric.  Keep the bridesmaids in something clean and streamlined, a flat fabric that doesn't catch the light or the eye too much so that the wedding gown still stands out in the crowd.
  7. Acrylics and Mirrors - When you need to write, white on white can be difficult.  This is a great place to introduce an acrylic or mirrors.  White goes on acrylic beautifully, and works on mirrored surfaces for an added touch of drama.
  8. If you want the entire room - truly, the entire room - in white, then be very clear with your guests about the dress code.  Make certain that everyone knows that there is an expectation for all white attire. Be prepared; the men won't wear white to a black tie wedding.  On the beach...yes?  In a  If you go black tie, the men will be in traditional tuxedos.  So...
  9. Black Accents will be OK if they are small and limited to typeset, shadows, and the occasional trim. If you want the black to stand out, go bold with a menu or a napkin.  Otherwise, stay true and hold firm.
  10. White on White Menu - This is tricky, but with some finesse it makes a major statement!  How do you do white on white food?  Work with your caterer to build a menu around pieces of seafood such as scallops, white fish, and crab meat.  White breads, rices, and vegetables such as cauliflower and hearts of palm make for a beautiful base.  Pasta with cream sauce, and cod in lemon broth with white asparagus are elegant entrees.  Follow it up with white cake and chantilly cream, served with flat white macchiatos.

I love, love, love a white wedding.  Your photos will always look fresh, always look sharp, and you will never regret the extra effort you put into dazzling your guests with such a well thought out, exquisite design.


Wedding Trend Report 2018

Long stem white roses in the center of a long banquet table.  Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.  Image by AltF Photography.
White lounge furniture for a white lounge.  Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea EPpolito.  Photo by AltF.  
White on white wedding decor.  Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.  Photo by Stephen Salazar.  
White on white wedding.  White flooring and ceiling.  Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito and Photo by Stephen Salazar.  
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