Time Lapse Video of a Wedding Set Up on the Pool Deck of the Mandarin Oriental

This is super cool!

Nearly a year after Jess & Juan's breathtaking wedding at The Mandarin Oriental, Terrence Lighten of Lighten Films sent me a little time lapse video he grabbed during the set up.

Having just hosted the wedding ceremony on the deck, we had less than 90 minutes to transfer the space into the reception complete with stadium seating, linens, florals, plates, napkins, and every other little thing you would need to host a luxe poolside party.

In just 11 seconds notice hoy many people come across the frame!  Wedding coordinators, servers, bussers, banquet captains, guests, photographers, videographers, stewarts, and florists.  

Have you ever thought about how many people it takes to actually produce a wedding?

How crazy awesome is this?!  Let me know if you love it!


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