The Importance of Creative Partners

This Labor Day, I am thinking of all the wonderful people I get to work with every day; and this blog is a little love note to them.

Also, I hope it gives a little insight into the different between a "wedding vendor" and someone who is truly a partner.  Behind the scenes in the wedding industry, there has been a push to move away from referring to people as "vendors".  Instead, the term "creative partners" has been used in respect to the work that they do and how closely we all work.  

In truth, none of us could accomplish what we do without the immeasurable support of our partners.  When you as a client find a blog or a feature, you see the prettiest of the pretty, the attainable perfection we have all worked so hard to produce.  

What you don't see are the mini-catastrophes that happens behind the scenes.  There are the 101 opportunities for failure that we encounter in the planning and execution of your wedding.  I have come face to face with more than I care to remember!  Some have had me shaking my head in horror.  Others make for one hell of a story...Once enough time passes.  

Here is the difference between a vendor and a partner:

A VENDOR....Will drop off your flowers or linens.  Will turn and burn your images onto a CD in less than 30 days.  Will load in and load out.  Sometimes they hello or goodbye.  Other times, you barely see them.

MY PARTNERS....Love that I seek to build teams.  Work closely with one another to ensure that anything which could be a problem is identified and rectified before it impacts the couple and their guests.  My Creative Partners work around one another seamlessly; with photographers and videographers avoiding crossing into each others shots and frames. Designers and Hotel Managers work to guarantee that load in and load out is seamless and easy.  Partners se the big picture.  They care.  They hustle.  And in the midst of the worst thing that could possibly happen, my partners are on my team and by my side, making sure we handle it before any of our guests are the wiser!

So this Labor Day, I am sending a big thank you and much love to my Creative Partners throughout the country.  You bring my (very bad) sketches to life, you make me look really good, and most importantly; you make me laugh!

With Love...Always...