Hello my friends and fellow wedding pros!

How lucky am I to be speaking at the Wedding MBA this year!  My class is entitled "THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER" will focus on working with luxury clients to produce once in a lifetime experiences. 

When I started my business, I knew that I wanted to work on highly curated, incredibly luxurious events.  When we discuss "luxury" the thought immediately goes to high dollar items and soaring budgets.  But luxury is not about money.  Luxury is about experience, exclusivity, and the ability to create something that previously did not exist. 

Today, I am fortunate in work with couples throughout the world.  Together, we bend the universe to our will with expert use of design and execution.  But how do we find one another?  How do my clients know that we are a good fit?  And, once we commit to one another, how do we move through the process together?  I will be addressing these questions and more when I take to the stage as The Millionaire Matchmaker this October.

In addition to speaking at the Wedding MBA, I will once again be designing and producing The Knot Rocks party.  For two years I have designed something a little darker and more mysterious than you typically associate with weddings....And this year will be no different!  What do I have up my sleeve this time?  You'll have to wait and see!  

Register for the Wedding MBA today and don't miss a moment of the fun!

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Destination Wedding Planner and Guest Speaker Andrea Eppolito