Royal Wedding | Do Americans Have a New Claim to Royalty? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Wedding

Do Americans have a new claim to the British Monarchy?  Associated Press/Eddie Mulholland

Ever since Prince Harry slipped that stunning rock on the hand of Miss Meghan Markle, the wedding industry and world at large has been captivated by this beautiful young couple.  I cannot tell you how many Instagram photos, Tweets, and Facebook posts I have seen online.  It seems as if all anyone could talk about was the upcoming wedding, which begs the question...

Do Americans have a new claim on the British Monarchy?  I feel like we do!

Collectively, we have been obsessed with celebrity for years.  The clothes!  The glamour!  The  jewels!  Add to that the accents and the long history of the British monarch....There is such a beautiful escapism that comes with following the lives and loves of the royal family.  Maybe it's because our roots are so deeply tied to England.  Maybe it's because we don't have a living Camelot here in America.  Whatever the reason, this wedding just feels different.

It is the first time an American will be marrying into the Royal Family in eighty years!  And this isn't just any American.  On paper, Meghan Markle is the girl least likely.  An American.  Divorced.  Bi-racial and part Jewish.  An actress, feminist, and blogger.  She appeared on a syndicated television show and ran a lifestyle blog. Meghan Markle wears messy buns and pants...pants!  

When I wa a little girl, I watched Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles.  My father said, "Look, she's becoming a real life princess."  Years later, I watched with the world as Kate married Will.  Beautiful weddings with extraordinary pageantry.  I loved every moment, but they felt...far away.   This time is different.  

There is the sense that our bride is choosing Harry as much as he is choosing her; and for all the right reasons.  Their relationship feels grounded in mutual respect, common interests, and a modern level of equality.  When Meghan Markle weds Prince Harry, she bridges the gap between then and now.  Without the weight of the impending crown, Prince Harry and Meghan are free to make their own way in the world, to marry and live and love by their own rules.  

And what could be more American than that?


Miss Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's official engagement photos.   Alexi Lubomirski
Official Royal Engagement Photos of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by  Alexi Lubomirski
Meghan and Harr's Engagmenet Photos.   Alexi Lubomirski