Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito discusses what she has learned as an entrepreneur and independent business owner.

What have I learned as a small business owner?

What have I learned as a small business owner?

Question: The Wedding Industry Experts asked, "What have you learned as a small business owner?"

Answer: That I am not the boss! The moment you take money from someone, you work for them, and their "team". So on any given day I may work for 6 brides, a groom, two soon-to-be-mother-in-laws, a maid of honor, and so on. Be certain that you like who you work for and with, and that your visions align with theirs. And if it doesn't, do not be afraid to quit. I have released couples before when it becomes obvious that we are not a good match. As scary as it is to pass on a client and return a check, you are doing their wedding and your work a disservice if you trudge along and stick with it out of fear instead of love. Let go and I promise, the right fit will come along.

How many of you own your own business? Or aspire to? What have you learned as an owner that shocked you? Have any advice that you can share to help me and others? I'd love to hear your thoughts...And am sure that others would, too!


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