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Hello Friends!  This morning I woke to find that Andrea Eppolito Events has been featured on the Lux Delux Blog! Lux Delux is an Experience Concierge Service, providing exclusive, invitation-only memberships for those who want to experience all that life has to offer.

At Lux Delux, they take the time to curate unique, luxury-inspired experiences to complement every member's lifestyle.

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Vegas and weddings are synonymous. Usually, one pictures a garishly decorated wedding chapel with large bouquets of fake flowers and white satin drapes (think The Hangover), but, just like everything else in Vegas, now there are some more high-end options. Award winning wedding planner Andrea Eppolito of Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events has dedicated her professional life to “telling the love stories of others through the planning and execution of sensory experiences.” Her work has been featured coast to coast and can be found in publications such as The New York TimesThe LA Times,Vegas MagazineVegas Rated, and more. In other words, she specializes in the classy and luxurious Vegas wedding.

Andrea’s philosophy is simple: “When all is said and done, I am not selling food, or a view, or anything tangible. I don’t want to make a sale, I want to make a connection. With each and every person in the room. My job is to take your idea and transform it into an environment unlike anything you have ever seen. It isn’t about creating a menu, it’s about creating a memory. And it’s the promise of those memories that move me each day, inspiring me to do more with each and every event I plan.”

In a culture obsessed with celebrity, over the top displays, everything “platinum” and all things bling, how does one plan a truly elegant, upscale wedding without delving into the world of over-production?  Andrea says, “I tend to approach the idea of luxury in the same way that The Supreme Court approaches pornography: I may not be able to define it, but I know it when I see it.”

So, if you’re thinking of tying the knot in the wedding capital of the country, but you want something more upscale and tailored to you and your partner than a drive-through wedding chapel, Andrea Eppolito is a good place to start.


The Experience Concierge

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