Lisa and Scott Anderson | Engagement Photos by AltF Photography

Photo by AltF Photography.

Photo by AltF Photography.

Please allow me to introduce Lisa Anderson and Scott Anderson; a couple so in sync they shared a last name even before meeting!

To hear Scott talk about the day he met Lisa makes you believe in fairytales:

"I literally experienced love at first site," says Scott.  "It was that life changing moment that I spent my life thinking I missed by just a second.  I even thought that maybe it just wasn't meant for me, and then all of a sudden, there she was..."

Lisa and Scott cannot be together without blushing, without touching, and without absolutely fawning all over each other.  To celebrate their engagement we headed to Lake Las Vegas and spent the afternoon with John Michael Cooper and Dalisa Cooper, the creatives from AltF Photography.  With hair and make up completed by Lori J. White, the bride to be looking beautiful and so in love with her dashing groom.

Their July wedding will be hosted in their new home, bringing together the best of the best that the Las Vegas wedding community has to offer!  Until then, enjoy these images and leave your well wishes for our couple below.