OH SNAP! How to use Snapchat like a pro at your wedding!

Wedding Snapchat Filter available by  You & Moon on Etsy.

Wedding Snapchat Filter available by You & Moon on Etsy.

Wondering how you can use Snapchat at your wedding?

Despite the popularity of Instagram's new Stories features and the 101 other platforms on the market, Snapchat is still a major player on the social media seen.  It's just so damn fun!  Hands down, Snapchat offers the best filters, making everyone look gorgeous...Or like a little baby rabbit, and that's basically the same thing!  With the ability to save and share stories, your wedding guests will absolutely be using Snapchat on your wedding day, so let's help them do it right!


  1. Create a custom filter.  Obvi.  A custom snapchat filter is today what the photo booth was 5 years ago.  It's super cool and still somewhat unexpected.  You can create your own filter if you have a bae level understanding of design, but why would you when Etsy offers hundreds of  filters, like the one we showcase here by You & Moon.   Want something super lux?  Check out Pixel by Meldeen for custom pieces that are going to bow you away!
  2. Get progressive with your filters.  Why stop at one filter?  Create a story of filters for your guests to use as the night progresses...One can be used while you are getting ready, one can go live during the ceremony, and then you can layer in another for after dinner during dancing.  One branded filter with a border would be amazing for guest portraits, and another could be just a fun and fresh way to introduce your new last name...If you'll be changing!
  3. Create a separate Snapchat account JUST for your wedding.  Introduce it early...As early as you can!  Your friends and relatives can watch as you visit venues, taste cakes, check out bridesmaids dresses, etc.  They can literally follow along and see all of the behind the scenes wedding shenanigans as you and your wedding planner move through the process.  You can use your wedding hashtag as the account name to keep things easy for your guests. Be sure to save your snaps and videos along the way so you can relive all of the planning memories!
  4. Tell the World!  Get people in on the fun early!  Post your wedding account to your Instagram, screengrab and share it on your main snapchat, and add it to an enclosure card with your save the date and invitation suite.  Don't forget to add your Snapchat to your wedding website, too!  Sprinkle it everywhere!!!
  5. Create a Group & Custom Story for Behind the Scenes Clips.  Simply tap the “Create Story” icon in the top-right corner of the Stories screen. Give your Story a name - use your hashtag or your new last name and wedding date -  and invite the friends you want to participate.   Snapchat will then create a 1-block geofence around your current location.  A helpful tip is to start the story when you are at your reception location and begin sharing then.  Your Story can only be seen and contributed to by your friends.  After you’ve created your custom Story, you’ll see an option to submit it to your full story.  Simply look underneath and add your videos  to “My Story.” Your custom Story Group stays alive as long people are posting.  But if no one in the group contributes for 24 hours all snaps are deleted.
  6. Pay attention to what you share.  Inside jokes are only funny for a few people. On your wedding day, keep it classy and stick with the special moments that your guests may miss behind the scenes, or the big moments they will want to relive, like the first kiss.
  7. Assign a Snapper!  There are a few things I never want to see in a bride or grooms hand at a wedding...Beer bottles and cans, cigarettes, and cell phones are the top offenders!  Be you and live your best life...Just be sure you use a glass, set outside to smoke (bonus points if you have a cool accessory), and give your phone to a trusted friend during the wedding so they can Snap, Story, and document the day away for you.
  8. Save Your Snaps!  It's super easy to save your snapchat photos and videos.  You can click the arrow button at the bottom and save them directly to your phone, which is great because then you can simply upload them to Instagram, Facebook, or Vero.  If you prefer to tell the tale of the day in one clip, simply go to your stories and click the downward pointing arrow.
  9. Create a custom sticker.  Take a selfie or have one of your bridesmaids take a photo of you.  Click the scissor icon, outline yourself, and your image will be saved in custom stickers.  How cute will it be for you to have Bride, Groom, or Newlywed 
  10. SPOILER ALERT!  I will hunt down and kill anyone who shares a pic of my bride's dress of the reception decor before it is revealed.  Don't be that person.  Make sure everyone in your wedding party knows the rules and abides by them...Less they feel the angry wrath of your wedding planner!!!

Here's what's fun about social media..In 8 months, 3 weeks, or 5 minutes this could all change!  Technology is moving fast!!!!  Stay up to date. Snap, Story, and share your lovestory.  These platforms create a community, and will absolutely get your guests involved and excited for your big day!


How to snapchat your wedding.  Expert tips from a luxury wedding planner n Las Vegas.

Custom filter in the likeness of my bride and groom.  Snapchat for weddings.
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Wedding planner and bride playing on snapchat.