Introducing Keshimar - Natural Stone Art for Newlyweds

The Petal Wine & Champagne Cooler by Keshimar.   

Just last week I received the coolest - literally, cool! - gift in the mail; the petal wine and champagne chiller from Keshimar.  Originating in Italy, Keshimar is a line that uses natural marble and precious stones to hand craft unique pieces that you can use and love in your home.  As beautiful as they are useful, each item stands alone as a piece of unique art when not in use; they are the types of pieces you won't hide in a cabinet.

If you know me, then you know that I love all things Italian, and this piece is no exception.  It's that rare combination of elegant and modern, when I first received it I actually thought it was a vase.  But when I started reading I came to find that it is a wine holder.  Well, I certainly made use of it this weekend and was super impressed by the fact that the stone helped my white wine hold it's chill. 

Each piece is unique, and yet they all seem to compliment one another.  In natural colors of Ivory, grey, and shades of brown and gold, these pieces will compliment any home.  Buy one for yourself, get a set of serving trays as gifts for your bridal party, or maybe gift your parents with the cake stands.   

File this under Things I Love! 


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