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The question always arises....Should couples arrange a room block for wedding guests? Or allow them to book on their own?

For those who aren't familiar, when booking a large number of rooms in one resort, the host of the wedding is given the option of holding a group of rooms (the room block) at a rate lower that that offered to individual guests. Ensuring that your guests can stay on site with you should they wish to, and making those arrangements at a fixed cost, is a gracious gesture that your friends and family will appreciate.  However, there are guests that will book "outside of the block", arranging for their rooms on their own.

What's a couple to do?  And that is the best way to handle this?  When discussing the opportunity for a room block, I always ask my couples a series of questions:

  • How many rooms do you anticipate your group needing?  If you anticipate needing more than 15 rooms in one location, then your should absolutely consider a block.  Room blocks should always be negotiated directly with the hotel to ensure the best rooms and rates.
  • What is happening in Las Vegas over the dates of stay?  Conventions, concerts, celebratory holiday weekends, and fight nights drive room rates way up.  If you are visiting during peak season, securing a block and guaranteeing a rate is a nice gesture.
  • Is the couple is paying for the rooms?  If you as the hosting couple are going to pay for your guests rooms, then you should absolutely get a room block.  
  • Or, are the guests are responsible for their own travel and hotel?  Remember, you will be financially responsible for any rooms that are not picked up and booked.  Some guests like to book a favorite hotel or check out someplace new, so keep your room block to a minimum if you aren't quite sure who will stay where?

A great wedding starts with a couple who take great care of their guests.  People like options - from the classic Vegas style hotel rooms of downtown to the super luxe suites at higher end properties.   You know what else people love?  A great value!  

But without a series of room blocks, how do you offer both choice and value?  

I just could't find a good answer beyond referring to the traditional online booking sites.  So I set out to create a partnership with one of Las Vegas' premier travel and hosting companies, and AEE Travel was born!


Previously offered as an exclusive amenity to my couples and their guests, AEE Travel is now able to extend the best room rates in Las Vegas publicly - to anyone visiting the city, at any time!  So whether you personally are coming out for a series of site inspections in the next few weeks, or if your best friends want to plan a weekend away at the end of the year, AEE Travel is available.  With a full range of hotel options starting with the modest and leading up to the most luxurious, you can find exactly what you want, whenever you want.  

Not only that, to make your vacation planning as easy as possible, AEE Travel has a Dining Section, a Show Section, and an Activities section; essentially operating as a digital concierge, allowing your guests to plan out their weekend as a mini vacation while also celebrating your wedding.

Book a room, plan a date night, schedule activities all in one place.  And do so with 24 hour support of a full team of travel professionals.  I hope you love working with AEE Travel as much as I love offering it....


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PS - And because I know that, sometimes, you will need to get away from the madness of wedding planning yourself, we have added New York City and Miami on as options for you, too!