Can you wear glasses as formalwear?

Stunning eyewear from Anna-Karin Karlsson.

Formal glasses by Anna-Karin Karlsson.

Formal glasses by Anna-Karin Karlsson.

Formal glasses for a black tie wedding.

Can you wear glasses as formalwear?

Late last year I developed an allergy to my contacts, and I needed to be switched to short term / daily wear lenses.  I have to admit, I was super bummed!  I have a pair of Fendi's that I loooove, and my newest frames from Prive Revaux are super chic and sexy, but could they be....fancy?

When Oprah gave her speech at The Golden Globes, she did it in the most incredible cat eye frames I had ever seen.  Down the rabbit hole I went looking for black tie options and styling tips.  With a few more pairs in my collection, a deep and crazy Google search, and after talking to some super stylish friends I have 5 tips on how to make glasses fashion forward enough for your wedding and beyond.


  1.  Match Your Glasses to Your Outfit:  This works best with neutrals.  For example, if you are pair a LBD with high shine black frames.  Navy, grey, white, and cream colored glasses are gorgeous against dresses in the same color family.
  2. OR....Go crazy and make your specs the star of the show!  Like a killer pair of heels, statement earrings, or a killer clutch, glasses as accessories can be embellished and eye catching.  Look for a pair in s hocking color or decked with stones and metal accents.
  3. Bring on the Lashes!!!  If Instagram models have taught us anything, it's that glasses have a subservive sexiness when paired with heavy eye makeup!  Bold, singed eyeliner, smoked shadow, and lots of luxe lashes are a guaranteed way to keep the focus on your eyes in an elegant way.
  4. FOR THE BRIDE - Get a new pair of glasses that match your dress.  Retro styles call for cat eye glasses, while an architectural dress or jumpsuit would look amazing with large square frames.  Be sure to add some extra concealer under your eyes to avoid the shadow of the frames, and don't be afraid to pair it all with a bold red lip!
  5. FOR THE GROOM - While there isn't as much of a debate for grooms as there is for brides, glasses have suddenly become the new "It" accessory for me.  Gentlemen look dapper in thick black frames, bookish and sweet in wire rims, and retro in round frames.

I for one am loving my new accessories and having the best time learning how to style them.  I get super excited when I see someone else in glasses, and want to see yours!  If you are a bride, groom, bridesmaid, or guest with fancy formal eyewear, post a pic of yourself on Instagram and #andreaeppolito. Or leave me comments below and let me know what you think about girls (and boys!) who wear glasses....



And here is a look at my new glasses from Prive Reveaux.

Keynote speaker and Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito in glasses by Prive Reveaux.