Ashley & Will's Wedding is Featured in The Wedding Editorialist!

We got the cover of Wedding Editorialist Magazine!  

One of the greatest things about self publishing is that you as the couple have complete control over the way we tell your love story.  

Ashley and Will's beautiful Bacara Wedding was published by Magnolia Rouge, a romantic international wedding blog.  And while the feature is absolutely stunning, it does not tell the whole story.  It would be impossible to talk about how they met, how Will proposed, and their wedding planning in one post. 

Not only can't hold a blog post!

That's what makes Wedding Editorialist such a great keepsake!  This issue builds upon the original destination piece that was created.  It talks about how Ashley and Will met in school and became instant best friends, how they fell in love after college, and how Will pulled together the proposal of a lifetime with the help of Ashley's friends and industry contacts.  There is a section on Santa Barbara, an artist's sketch of The Ritz Carlton Bacara, and a full overview of the wedding from the girls getting ready all the way up to Ashley and Will's gorgeous outdoor reception.

What I love most is that this piece is also so stunning in print.  Ashley and Will can keep it out on their coffee table, send copies of the issue to their parents, their families, and friends.  And one day, they will be able to pull this out and show it to their children!   How cool will it be when the Thompson Babies see Mommy and Daddy on the cover of a magazine?!?!?

Are you a couple that wants to see your wedding (or other special event?!?) published in a magazine?  Or a professional that wants move control over how your work is presented to the world?  Leave a comment below or contact me here and I'll put you in touch of one of our Editorialist Partners ASAP!

Until then, enjoy this issue.  It is everything!